The Symposium focus areas will include:

  • Datamining

  • Biodiversity Patterns

  • Massive Data Algorithmics

  • Ecoinformatics

  • Macroecology

  • Ecological Computing

  • Spatio-temporal databases

  • Biogeographical modelling

  • Bioinformatics


Biodiversity in the Silicon Age

May 17 to May 18, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark


The idea of arranging the symposium on"Biodiversity in The Silicon Age" was fostered during a recent meeting at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. On March 4, 2010 professor Leonard C. Feldman, Vanderbilt University, spoke on The Material Revolution and reminded us that we currently live in the Silicon Age. In this age increasing control of materials at increasingly reduced scales has boosted Information Technology which has subsequently been applied in many fields of research. Biodiversity research, in particular, has benefited from information technology and has undergone a paradigm shift where increasing amounts of data and new technologies to handle them has completely revolutionized the scope and scale of insight and understanding. Several members of the Academy, including the organizers of this symposium, agreed that it would be appropriate to explore the cutting edge research in biodiversity which has become possible over the past decade due to technological advances in Information Technology.




Academy symposia

As far as possible the Academy every year holds two symposia - one within the humanities and one within science, organized by one or more Academy members. These symposia are subsidized by both the Academy and the Carlsberg Foundation. As a rule they are held on the Academy premises,  H. C. Andersens Boulevard. 


Organizing Committee

Professor Henrik Balslev (Aarhus University)
Professor Lars Arge (Aarhus University)
Professor Jens-Christian Svenning (Aarhus University)
Professor Mikkel Schierup (Aarhus University)
Professor Christian S. Jensen (Aarhus University)

Symposium secretariat

Dennis Pedersen (Aarhus University)
Else Magård (Aarhus University)
Peder Klith Bøcher (Aarhus University)


Biodiversity in the Silicon Age - Symposium May 2011 of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters